Hot dog roast/solar energy discussion

Posted by marlys-harris, July 10th , 2014.

Back in January when the power of the sun’s rays was considerably less oppressive, a large crowd of people, including myself and several parishioners, attended the Northfield Area Climate Summit at St. Olaf College.  Meteorologist Paul Douglas gave an excellent presentation on the reality of global warming, the forecast if consumption of fossil fuels continues unchecked at the current rate, and hope for the future of our planet if the necessary steps are taken to decrease the release of carbon into the atmosphere.

Following the presentation I spoke with Charles Stark, representative for All Energy Solar in the Northfield area, about the possibility of installing solar energy collector panels on one or more of our buildings here at St. Dominic.

I am inviting all interested parishioners to join Kathleen Doran Norton (who was present at the St. Olaf event and will be attending a national conference on climate change and heading up efforts here at St. Dominic) and me for a hot dog cookout following the 5 p.m. Mass next Saturday, July 19th… a good way  to move the discussion to the front burner.  Individuals and families are welcome.  If you plan to be present, please give Kathleen a call  so we can know how many hot dogs to prepare.  Too bad we don’t have a solar cooker…yet.


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Vacation Bible Camp

Posted by marlys-harris, July 9th , 2014.

Hey kids and parents, come and join us this summer for a one-week world tour with Jesus August 11-15th.  Sessions each day are in the morning from 8:30 to 11:30am.  We’ll be traveling to Ireland, Italy, Africa, Japan and Mexico to see how people there live and celebrate their faith in Jesus.  With each stop on our tour we’ll experience a bit of their culture, sing some of their songs, learn basic greetings and prayers in their language, and, of course, get a taste of their favorite foods.  As we do so, we’ll see how they bring a richness to the celebration of the Catholic Christian faith we have in common.

Our tour will take us to Ireland on Monday, Italy on Tuesday, Africa on Wednesday, Japan on Thursday, and Mexico on Friday.   Fr. Denny will present the theme each day.  Other team members will take care of the rest of the activities highlighted by great music, crafts, puppet theater, games and snacks.  It all adds up to a great VBC tour this summer at St. Dominic Church.

Children ages 4-11 (preschool through 5th grade):  $15 covers registration, VBC t-shirt, camp activities, snacks, and crafts.  Registration deadline is Sunday, August 3, 2014, but the sooner we receive your registration the better to help us in planning our sessions.

Youth (entering 6th grade or older) and adults: Help out as a program volunteer and share in all the fun.  Helpers are needed for music, crafts, food preparations, puppet theater, games, hospitality, and leading small groups during the day with leadership from Lorilee Malecha (Music), Kelly Lynn Stanton Nutt (Crafts), Karen Lyons (Snacks), Mara Mangan (Puppet Theater), and Roxzanne Devney (Games & Hospitality). Lunch is provided each day for our program volunteers following the end of the day’s program.  The earlier we receive your registration as a volunteer helper, the better.   Registration form below.

VBC Registration 2014


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Electronic Contributions

Posted by marlys-harris, January 21st , 2014.

Those interested in electronic transfer for sacrificial giving must complete the form below and return it to Shari at the parish office.

Electronic Giving Form


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